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It's an exciting time at Lutheran North as we prepare for the opening of our middle school coming fall 2019.  However, you may not know much about this exciting new venture.  

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’ve received.
Why does Lutheran North want to create a middle school?
We believe Lutheran High School North is the best school in the area and know many families in our community are searching for an excellent middle school option through which their sons and daughters can maximize their full God-given potential.  We have a unique opportunity to leverage the strong existing brand and reputation of LHSN and open the only school of its kind in the North City/County area.  Our research shows many potential families currently enroll their student at other private/parochial schools offering K-12, 6-12 or 7-12 options.
What will the schools be called?  
As is common practice anyway,  we will refer to our entire campus and ministry as “Lutheran North.”  Lutheran North will be comprised of two similar, yet unique schools: Lutheran North High School and Lutheran North Middle School.

Where will the middle school classrooms be located?
We currently have unused or underutilized classrooms in our building.  The middle school classrooms will be located in a portion of the first floor south hallway (see diagram below).  Eventually, as both schools grow in enrollment, we anticipate new and exciting building expansions!

Where will the students come from? The student population will be comprised of children from area public and private elementary schools. We are not marketing the program to North County Lutheran schools, however we know there could be some interest from those families. Judging from our high school enrollment, students come to Lutheran North from a wide market, including 25+ public, private and parochial schools each year.  International students will also be welcome at LNMS.

We are not creating a competing model, but rather another educational option - at a different price point.  We will happily direct families to our local K-8 Lutheran schools if that is a better fit for them.

Who will the teachers be?
We will construct the very best faculty skilled in middle school instruction, including some new and some current teachers.

Will the middle school students spend their day separated from the high school students?
Yes - much of the time, but there are advantages to our community gathering all together too. In short, we understand that “high school is high school and middle school is middle school.”  For example, lunch periods will be separate, but combined chapel (at least some days) is beneficial for everyone. Advanced middle school students who are academically prepared for high school coursework will have the opportunity to take advantage of our outstanding high school curriculum.  

We expect a wonderful relationship to develop between all our Crusader students!

Will the middle schools students wear uniforms?
Yes, Lutheran North students wear uniforms.

What about technology in the Middle School?  
Lutheran High School North is a 1:1 laptop school.  Similarly, Lutheran North Middle will incorporate technology as a critical learning tool.  We are still deciding which device(s) will be most effective at the middle school level.

Will there be sports teams?
Yes. We will offer teams for both boys and girls.  Which sports will be offered depends upon the number of students and their interests. The Junior Crusaders will no doubt be a force on the court and field!

What about clubs and other extracurriculars?
Various activities will be offered in order to provide our students with a well-rounded experience and the opportunity to grow!

How much will tuition be for the Middle School?
$8,000/year - Tuition has been strategically set to be competitive, yet less than the high school. Scholarships, grants and need-based financial assistance will be available for families/students who qualify.  

Can I apply today?
YES! Applications are coming in each day for both Lutheran North High and Lutheran North Middle.  We encourage interested families to apply right away. We anticipate the real possibility of more applicants than available seats in this inaugural year of operation.  

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